Men call me easy, but I haven’t had sex in years. OnlyFans ruined my love life.


According to a woman, being on OnlyFans has ruined her love life.

In spite of the fact that Fenella Fox, a Worcester resident, only bonks after the third date and hasn’t had sex in years, she claims men mistakenly assume she’s “easy.”

The 28-year-old thinks that men are put off by her success because she makes £175,000 a year from the adult subscription site.

Men just hand over their cash, so I can make $250 per day without leaving my house.

She explained: “I try to not tell them right away because a lot of men are intimidated by what I do for a living and the money I make.

I’ve been pretty much celibate for the past five years because men can’t seem to wait until the third date, despite the fact that I would love to have sex and am desperate for it.

“They just assume that because of my job, I’m qualified for it right away.”

Fenella Fox

“It’s actually really common; many adult models can be shy and awkward in person and don’t get to be very sexual off-screen,” said Fenella, who also shares sexy photos on her Instagram page @fenellascorner.

“I recently got together with two friends who both work as escorts and who are having trouble finding love.

“I adore what I do, but success has cost me in the form of ruining my love life.

I wonder if they view me more as a trophy, and if getting that trophy isn’t as simple as they thought, they give up.

Fenella is still having trouble finding sincere men despite having a “three date rule” before getting intimate.

Fenella Fox

She said: “I hate British dating culture.

I would love to just have great sex, but there’s so much pressure on women to find ‘the one,’ or men assume that because we’re getting close to 30, we want marriage and kids.

“But I don’t like one-night-stands.

“Men don’t seem to be willing to spend the time getting to know me,

When I don’t put myself out there, a lot of men also end up ghosting me, and a lot of them are cheaters who aren’t even single.

Fenella Fox

“I recently met a man, and after we returned to my apartment, I told him that we wouldn’t be having sex.

“He told me with a direct look in my eyes, “I’m not attracted to you anymore. I felt stunned.

Because of my job and online presence, I feel unfairly judged.

I believe that men are less tolerant of me as a result than they might be of someone with a more “normal” job.

Instead, Fenella wants to get herself off until she connects with someone.

Fenella Fox

She said: “I use my vibrator every day.

“I have had about 30 sexual encounters with men in my lifetime, but only two in the last five years; otherwise, I have been largely celibate.

After five years, my “wand” can only take me so far. I miss having sex.


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