Men describe me as a “very beautiful young lady” and say they’re “totally sold” on me, so I guess you could say I’m a sexy gran.


A youthful grandma boasted about her coolness on social media to show her followers.

Males often compliment her beauty by referring to her as a “young lady.”


“I’m a hip old granny who can hip-hop, bebop, dance till you drop, and yo yo make a wicked cup of cocoa,” she (@outdoorgirl5) said, mouthing along to a TikTok audio while pulling out a mug.

“#SexyGranny,” she added in her caption.

In the video’s comments, many viewers expressed their admiration for her.

“Beautiful color eyes,” one person started off.

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“You are very beautiful,” added a second.

” Very pretty lady,” a third chimed in.

“Stunning my love.”

“Well, I’m totally sold lol.”

“Less of the old granny please, you’re a very beautiful young lady,” a final person complimented.

An attractive grandmother has previously revealed that her 53 years of age come as a shock to others.

Tricia (@yourfitgrandma) has no qualms about letting the world know how old she is.

So, when she played along with someone asking, “How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?” she responded with a joyful tone.

In her viral TikTok video, she joked, “I’m 53.”

She wore a tie-dye tank top and short shorts, and her gray hair hung straight down to her shoulders.

Men are calling her young and beautiful



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