Mitrovic was sent off for his part in a push on a referee for Manchester United, and fans are outraged over the ‘double standards’ shown by the club’s management.


Fans of the beautiful game were infuriated by the comparisons they made between Aleksandar Mitrovic’s red card for pushing the referee and Bruno Fernandes’ unpunished shove on a linesman.

After Willian was sent off for a handball on the line during Fulham’s 3-1 loss to Manchester United, 28-year-old Mitrovic lost his cool.


Bruno Fernandes appeared to push the assistant referee at Anfield earlier this month


Once referee Chris Kavanagh came back from consulting the video assistant referee to dismiss the ex-Chelsea player, Mitrovic pushed him.

Fulham were already down to nine men when he was shown a red card, and then manager Marco Silva was shown the exit as well.

Football fans, however, have been quick to draw parallels between what Mitrovic did and what Fernandes did earlier this month at Anfield.

Despite appearing to push the assistant referee during United’s humiliating 7-0 loss to Liverpool, the 28-year-old Portuguese playmaker, who scored twice to clinch Man Utd’s place in the FA Cup semi-finals, was not penalized.

The football community was not willing to overlook such a discrepancy.

People took to social media to express their displeasure, with one user writing, “Mitrovic was ridiculous there. The push he gave the official was just as bad as Bruno Fernandes’s on the linesman last week. To what extent is this true?

“Sent Mitrovic off for touching an official, but didn’t do the same to Fernandes a few weeks ago,” chimed in another. So, I have to ask, “Where is the consistency?”

As a third person chimed in, “What Mitrovic did was disgraceful, but Fernandes basically did the exact same thing at Anfield. Both of those were obvious fouls and should have resulted in immediate dismissals.


Another member of the group chimed in, “Just saw the Mitrovic red card. It’s likely that Bruno Fernandes got away with the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Once again, Howard Webb has done it.

An additional supporter commented, “More double standards. Fair to send off Mitrovic, but not for pushing a linesman, as Fernandes has been left unpunished.

One fan remarked, “Different rules for Penchester United,” while another said the same thing. The referee shows Mitrovic the red card, and Mitrovic argues with him. Bruno Fernandes pushes the linesman and kicks a player, and he gets away with it.

The semi-final match between Manchester United and Brighton will take place on the weekend of April 22–23.

Manchester City’s other semi-final opponent will be Sheffield United of the Championship.


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