Monthly payments of $200 and $400 to eligible Americans are on the horizon.


Eligible citizens of the United States can receive a STIMULUS payment of up to $400.

The cash payments are meant to mitigate the effect of rising food and energy prices.



Residents of Chelsea, Massachusetts who qualified for the payments received between $200 and $400 on March 15th.

The 738 recipients of the $800,000 grant distributed as part of the Chelsea Eats program.

The ongoing monthly program provides $200 for single-person households, $300 for two-person households, and $400 for three or more people living in the same home.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill signed by President Joe Biden in 2021, is the source of the funds in question.

Americans can start applying for $500 in monthly payments – when money arrives
Three direct payments between $1,044 and $4,555 going out in April

Residents with low incomes can use the payments to buy food and cover their utility costs.

“This was identified by the community as one of the areas to invest during the ARPA’s engagement process,” a program spokesperson said, according to The U.S. Sun.

Since Chelsea Eats is an ongoing venture, you can expect more payments in April and May.

Beneficiaries will receive their funds via a pre-loaded debit card that must be picked up in person.


Residents of Chelsea, Massachusetts, who fall into the lowest 30 percent income quintile are eligible for this funding.

The single person equivalent is $29,450, while the two-person equivalent is $33,650.

Income caps rise gradually as families grow in size.

A spokesperson for the program told the Washington Examiner that all eligible residents had been personally notified.

All cardholders must appear on the designated day to collect their cards.


If you don’t qualify for this bonus, you may still receive direct payments in the future.

On April 12, millions of people will begin receiving their fourth Social Security check.

The 2023 Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Social Security benefits is 8.7 percent.

More decentralized payment systems are in the works.

Colorado’s Property Tax, Rent, and Heat Rebate (PTC) payments to low-income seniors and people with disabilities will be distributed next month.

Applicants who submitted their forms by March 10 will receive either a direct deposit on April 5 or a paper check on April 15 for a maximum of $1,044.

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Meanwhile, Alaska is doling out $3, 284 to each resident who qualifies as a state taxpayer from the state’s share of energy profits.

And applications for California’s UBI pilot program are currently being accepted.


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