Mother posts cute pregnancy update video on YouTube; however, it’s the baby girl’s unusual name that’s getting the most attention.


A new mother has come under fire for the unusual name she gave to her daughter.

Beverley Raymond, a mother, used TikTok to share cute pregnancy updates with her followers (@beverley_raymond_).


But whilst some loved the moniker, others were not so sure


Beverley’s big day arrived, so she posted a video to Instagram telling her 2,400 followers the good news.

The video of the stunning mother at various points in her pregnancy has been viewed nearly 400 thousand times.

Beverley gave birth to a daughter, whom she and her husband named Navy Bleu, after the 39th week of pregnancy.

Navy Bleu Raymond, welcome to the world, they penned.

While many TikTokers rushed to the comments to offer their congratulations, others were mystified by the name.

One chuckled: ”So your kids name is blue blue?”

Also, “people need to remember they are naming ADULTS,” as one person put it.

”She is beautiful, but I always think, ‘would I have appreciated my parents calling me that when I was a baby?’ and ‘will my child be made fun of?” said another.

It wasn’t all bad news, though; there was also a lot of encouragement from caring viewers.

Wow, that name, mom, and kids are beautiful. ”Welcome to the world, navy bleu,” one aficionado of the moniker proclaimed.

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”love her name shes beautiful,” a second penned.

Speaking of over-the-top parenting, one couple received harsh criticism after posting a video of their indoor balloon “bomb” gender reveal party.

The Spanish-speaking couple went viral for all the wrong reasons after they announced their upcoming nuptials on TikTok.

The video has gone viral after being posted online, with over 25 million views on Instagram.

TikTok user @laurasalcedo66, one of the attendees, is suspected of uploading the clip to the platform.

Laura started out the video filming the soon-to-be parents, who appeared to be very content.

The huge balloon “bomb” hanging in the room’s center, however, had the young mother worried.

In the midst of the excited countdown, the flame on the string reached the black balloon that was loaded with confetti.

Then the balloon exploded with a bang and a flash of flames, and the video was over, with no indication of whether the baby would be a boy or a girl.

No one was hurt, as far as Laura can tell (she was sitting directly in front of the decorations).

Despite this, social media users were quick to criticize the couple, saying that nobody in the room had any common sense.

The person said, “I don’t think we should do this in the house. My common sense would have at least said “I don’t think we should do this in the house.”

”Now we don’t know the gender AND we ain’t got no eyebrows,” another member of the group joked.

”It’s not a boy or a girl, it’s a dragon,” someone else joked.

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That being said, what is she having, exactly? Human Torch?” a third person chimed in.

A viewer couldn’t believe there wasn’t anyone who had second thoughts about the decision.


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