Mrs. Hinch devotees rush to the register to purchase duvet sets at a steep discount.


Fans of MRS HINCH are clamoring to purchase the discounted bedding from Tesco.

Get thee quickly to a Tesco, ye who are fans of the cleaning phenom Sophie Hinchliffe (Mrs. Hinch), lest ye have a grey house.


The cleaning sensation's bedding has now been reduced to clear and was originally £26, but is now only £6.50


But you'll need to be quick if you want to nab one, as shoppers are going wild for the cheap sets


Astute customers have likely observed that Tesco has discounted Mrs. Hinch duvet sets, currently offering savings of nearly £20.

Customers have been going crazy for these deals, so you’ll need to act fast if you want to get your hands on one.

Hannah Watson, always on the lookout for a good deal, posted a photo of her recent score from the Tesco clearance section to Facebook just 14 hours ago.

Hannah posted in a private group with over 2.2 million members called Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group that she had scored a Mrs. Hinch bedding set on clearance for a song at the supermarket.

Hannah posted a photo of her latest purchase, a cotton-rich double duvet set in Mrs. Hinch’s iconic favorite color of grey.

She said: “Great bargain in my local Tesco.

“£6.50 for Mrs Hinch double duvet set.” 

Initially, you could purchase this luxurious duvet set for the low, low price of £26.

Even though it had already been marked down by 50% to £13, to make room for new stock it is now being sold for just £6.50.

Hannah’s post about her amazing bargain has already received 227 likes and 271 comments on Facebook.

Commenters on social media were vocal in their desire to purchase this bargain.

One person said: “Neeeeeeed.”

Another added: “Omg.” 

A third person said, “That’s beautiful. Congratulations on finding such a good deal.

Whilst someone else posted: “Tesco shop needed.”

Another shopper noted: “That’s a fab price.” 

You’d better hurry if you want one; many shoppers have already tagged their friends to ask them to keep an eye out for this incredible steal.

One shopper said: “Let me know if you see this.”

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A second person added, “Can you please let me know if you see a king size?”

Yet another person pleaded, “If you see it, could you grab us a couple? I don’t think I’ll be out for a few days.”


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