My 30L boobs are so large that they have an “internal shelf” that I can use to store Yankee Candles and a bottle of wine.


One woman claims she can carry almost anything with her big boobs, including full-sized candles, and describes them as acting as an “internal shelf.”

Some people find having large breasts to be a hassle, but Sarah, a TikToker, is choosing to see the positive side thanks to her size 30L breasts.


In a cheeky video, Sarah revealed all of the things that can fit under her boobs, including a wine bottle


Hours after the video, Sarah told her 19,000 followers she was going to have breast reduction surgery but she first wanted to try an experiment.

So, she explained, “I wanted to figure out everything that I could fit under my boobs before I yeet my teet…

“So this will be a video showing my internal shelf,” the speaker said.

Sarah then began to pull out some startlingly large items from under her boobs while wearing an oversized T-shirt.

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She took out a bottle of wine first, then a 32-ounce bottle of water.

Next, Sarah used her “internal shelf” to accommodate two enormous Yankee Candles.

The cheeky woman then reached under her breasts and pulled out a number of books, including two sizable Twilight novels.

Those who commented on Sarah’s post couldn’t help but make fun of her large breasts.

Room for a carry-on and a personal item, according to one.

I hаven’t seen my fаther since 1983; is he down there, аnother person continued.

A third commented: “Perfect for the movies!”

Fourth comment: “Mаry Poppins аt а whole new level.”

She was also able to hold two Yankee Candles under her breasts



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