My appearance has drastically improved; I’ve shed pounds and “fixed my face,” and friends and family have remarked that I’m “truly peaking in my 30s.”


A 31-year-old woman looks back on her former appearance and thinks it was “simple” and “ordinary” in comparison to her current style.

The lifestyle blogger who has amassed over 174,000 TikTok fans has revealed her weight loss and Botox procedures.


Malibu Toast referred to herself in this picture as 'simple' and 'ordinary'


Malibu Toast (@malibutoast) shared a video on Instagram comparing her appearance at ages 22 and now.

The woman from Ohio started off by showing a photo of herself from when she worked as a checkout girl at Whole Foods.

Malibu Toast’s lower face was red and scarred from acne. No cosmetics were on her face, and her hair was parted on the side.

Then she flipped to a picture of herself in her mid-20s, when she was a yoga studio instructor.

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Her attire was as subdued as it had been when she worked at Whole Foods.

She was wearing a form-hugging black dress with a high neck.

Hence, “it’s giving sister wife,” Malibu Toast proclaimed.

The majority of you are aware that I underwent a facial transformation. Oh, well, here I am again, all grown up and 22.

To emphasize her beauty, the photo switched to an outdoor backdrop and a close-up of her face.

She flashed a radiant grin, revealing plump cheeks and a cute little nose. “The eyes are eyeing, and the nose is nosing,” Malibu Toast said.

Malibu Toast’s face had slimmed down by the time she turned 25, but her hollow eyes persisted.

“I’m just a simple, ordinary girl from Ohio,” she exclaimed as she displayed a photo of her with a side ponytail and white dress.

Now that I’m 31 years old, it’s a random weekday afternoon, and here I am.

The Malibu Toast in the driver’s seat straightened her back. Her skin was flawless and she wore a black blouse with white buttons.

The confident lady finally opened up, “You guys are the reason I show my glow up with you all.

And as you can plainly see, I worked on my appearance and my style as well.

On the other hand, Malibu Toast stressed that she put in “inner and outer work” to become the person she is now in her thirties.

People who watched Malibu Toast’s transformation were amazed by her progress.

A supporter commented, “Wow. That our 30s are the zenith of our lives is awesome. Anyone who says “our prime is in your twenties” is lying.

A curious supporter inquired, “How did you fix? Do you mean things like fillers, plastic surgery, etc.? I’m not passing judgment; I just adore this radiance.

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“Just fillers and Botox,” Malibu Toast responded.

You didn’t fix anything, and you weren’t broken, as one adoring fan pointed out. Oh, but you look great in reverse, too!

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Now, at 31 years old, she's lost weight, gotten Botox, and worked on her mindset



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