My boring, plain bathroom received a very stylish makeover for only £80 thanks to a coat of paint and cheap Dunelm finds.


ALL HOMEOWNERS are aware that furnishing a room can end up costing a small fortune.

However, one woman has set out to demonstrate that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get good results.


The bathroom before (pictured) was in desperate need of an injection of colour


The DIY prodigy, who goes by the handle @first_time_renovators12 on social media, posted a video to TikTok in which she described how she transformed her plain downstairs bathroom on a budget for only £80.

She opens the clip by displaying the downstairs toilet before it was given a sleek makeover, which was a plain white.

The room is completely white, so it lacks any sort of personality and is in desperate need of some color.

The DIY enthusiast gets to work by painting all of the walls—all but one—a dusty pink color.

A toilet holder and shelf, both from Dunelm, are added in gold after she first applies leaf-themed wallpaper to create one statement wall.

She adds a black diffuser, a green towel, and a gold mirror to finish the look.

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She wrote: “Small toilet transformation total cost: £80” next to the video.

Since then, the video has amassed over 490,000 views and numerous comments, with social media users all too eager to gush about the TikTokers’ very impressive DIY skills.

Onе еxclaimеd, “Fantastic, grеat job thеrе and grеat pricе!”

A sеcond pеnnеd: “Absolutеly lovе this!”

A third praisеd: “Bеautiful.”

A fourth pеrson addеd: “Thank you, I lovе it! Bееn looking for idеas!”

Anothеr wrotе: “Gorgе.”

A furthеr wrotе: “Stunning!”

And onе morе addеd: “Wow wow wow!”


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