My form in the gym can’t be judged against that of shorter queens because I’m 5’10” tall.


Tall gym babe says she has to keep telling herself not to judge her progress by that of shorter women.

Selina, an avid gym-goer, wants to get noticed by the other weight lifters, but only if it’s for her nearly perfect form.


She explained she was keen to perfect her form, but couldn't compare her progress to shorter gymgoers


The blonde beauty, who is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, has come to terms with the significant impact her height has on her training.

For comparison, her shorter gym-goers will have a much greater starting distance when lifting the massive weight.

Because of their greater range of motion, taller people often opt for partial reps instead, which puts less strain on the muscles and joints.

Despite the fact that Selina believes her form could use some work, she is still eager to give her absolute best during her workouts.

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The self-proclaimed “gym rat” posted a video of herself doing a series of incredible lifts on TikTok.

She also included the caption, “Realizing that correct form looks different on a 5’10 girl with long legs compared to a 5’2 girl.”

Selina jokingly captioned the short clip “crying in bed”, after assessing the footage of her intense exercise.

She promotes body positivity, especially for tall girls, and regularly updates her 10,500 followers with workout videos.

Many people on social media thanked Selina for her positive message about accepting people of all sizes.

One simply wrote: “So true!”

Another person chimed in, “Unfortunately true. I’m 6’4”, so I know for sure.

By using “good” form when lifting, you can minimize the chance of injury and get the most out of your workout by working your major muscle groups.

Strength training is extremely taxing on the body, especially the spine, which is especially susceptible to injury.

If you don’t pay attention to your form, you could inflict painful strain on your spine and even cause a slipped disc.

Keeping your back straight and abs tight during each lift will help support your spine, prevent injury, and ensure you’re working the right muscles.

Lift slowly and deliberately, listening to your body; don’t push yourself too hard in an effort to look good to onlookers.

As we discussed before, a tall gym girl lamented that she has no one to gauge her progress against because the vast majority of women’s fitness media only depicts shorter gym-goers.

As she lamented the fact that most fitfluencers are “like 115 pounds” and “5’2,” Lexie Strasser emphasized the significance of representation.

Her height is 6 feet and 2 inches, and her weight is 195 pounds; her body fat percentage is 22%, which she deemed “not a bad” percentage.

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But, as Lexie explained, she “doesn’t see anybody who is like me” when she tries to find a bodybuilding competitor to gauge her own progress against.


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