My grandmother said I looked like a street walker, but I’m going to have more fun tonight than she will.


A FASHIONISTA has spoken out about her uncomfortable encounter with an elderly lady who didn’t like her outfit.

Someone warned her that she looked like a homeless person, but she didn’t care.


While filming herself on the subway, Mireya (@isitovernow) recalled the unpleasant exchange.

On camera, she sported a lavender cardigan over a black dress and tights.

I’ll be having more fun than you tonight, she told the elderly woman who had called her a “hooker” on the train earlier.

It looked like Mireya was on her way out to a fun night on the town.

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There has been a recent uptick in videos featuring women defending their personal fashion choices, and this one is just the latest example.

Many women have had enough of being judged harshly in public for what they choose to wear, and they are taking their frustrations out on the public via social media.

The likes of Karen and her ilk are finally being met with resistance, and their bigotry is being publicly exposed for what it is.

Many of Mireya’s viewers felt moved to leave comments after watching her video.

Many of them took Mireya’s side and sympathized with the difficult circumstances she was put through.

Who in their right mind would say something like that to someone’s face? What a jerk.

You can “do you” without worrying about what other people think, said one commenter.

She was walking by me with her friend, talking s**t, and I overheard her say it,” Mireya explained.

‘Mad her younger days were spent cooking and cleaning for her cheating husband,’ another said.

What the f**k is wrong with her,” a third person said.

She said an old woman hurled a NSFW insult directed at her while on the train



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