My size 14-16 self tried on a Cider clothing haul and ended up looking like Danny from Grease in at least one item.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been disappointed by the appearance of a product you ordered online.

Well, it turns out you’re not alone.


Tara was excited to try on this silk strappy dress but was left disappointed


Tara Ashley, a size 14-16, experienced this exact problem when she ordered a large quantity of clothing from the online store Cider.

There was a video of her trying on various dresses, tops, and jeans, beginning with a silk white strappy dress.

They run small, so she tells you to size up.

“I’m a size 14-16 and this is an XL.

Because the Curve collection typically includes sizes 18 and up, I didn’t think I’d need to shop there. ON TO THE NEXT ITEM!

After that, she shifts her focus to a pair of blue denim jeans that have been washed.

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We got a large in the top, which is great, and an XL in the jeans,” Tara says.

To which she replied, “You know what? Not terrible, but it takes some practice to get on.

“Look at my butt – my butt looks good in these!”

The style addict tries on a faux leather jacket that she says she’s “excited” for.

“Huh?” she exclaims.

I can’t place the mood I was going for, but it wasn’t this.

Instead of looking like Bella Hadid strutting around Paris in a leather jacket, I feel like Danny from Grease.

After slipping into a green silky floral slip dress, Tara tries on a top made of a peculiar “felt” material.

After initially saying, “This one I’m excited for…” she abruptly changed her mind.

“Never mind!” she says.

You should stick to the basics like t-shirts, tanks, and tops if you’re going to do any shopping at Cider, in my opinion.

Over 355,000 people have viewed the video, and many have commented on it across social media, with overwhelmingly negative feedback.

“I think Cider is just like Shein in disguise,” said one observer.

Someone else summed up the online shopping experience like this: “I have an idea in my head of what it’s going to look like, then it doesn’t.”

Yet another remarked, “I was so close to buying from cider at one point…”

The fourth commented, “nanananana you gotta do the SIT DOWN test with those jeans they are uncomfyyyy.”

Another chimed in, “I really wish I had seen this before I bought the dress I bought from there like 20 minutes ago.”

Others, however, admitted that they liked a couple of the dresses Tara tried on.

“Nahh, that last dress looks amazing; I love it,” said one.

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Another person chimed in, “The last dress is really cute tho.”

Another person chimed in, “I actually really like the floral slip dress!”

Tara explained how the white shirt was like a felt material


Tara advised sizing up - nothing that she's a size 14-16 and this dress is an XL


Tara was happy with how her bum looked in the jeans



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