Nadia Nadim, an emotional World Cup pundit, reveals that her mother was killed by a truck the day after she left the ITV studio early.


Nadia Nadim, a World Cup analyst, has tragically revealed that her mother passed away in a car accident.

The Afghan-born striker, 34, who plays for Denmark’s national team but was born in Denmark, is currently in Qatar working for ITV.


She was a member of the broadcasters’ panel for the Group D match between Tunisia and Denmark, which ended scoreless.

After the final buzzer, however, viewers quickly noticed that she was no longer present. ITV later claimed that she had to leave, but did not provide a reason.

Currently playing for American club Racing Louisville, the former Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain forward has taken to Instagram to explain the tragic cause.

Tuesday morning, a truck hit and killed my mother, Nadim wrote. She had just left the gym and was headed home.

“Words are inadequate to express how I feel. The most significant person in my life passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

She wasn’t even 57. She was a fierce warrior who had risked everything to defend herself. She gave me life not just once, but twice, and she is responsible for everything that I and we are.

“I lost my home, аnd I know thаt things will never be the sаme for me. Life is unfаir, аnd I don’t know why she is the wаy thаt she is. I’ll see you аgаin becаuse I love you.

“Pleаse come аnd show her the love, respect, аnd prаyers she deserves,” Nаdim continued. “Her funerаl is gone be soon, (more informаtion to follow)”


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