Naga Munchetty of BBC Breakfast requests an unlikely co-star for awkward scenes


Naga Munchetty, a presenter for BBC Breakfast, appeared to be in a playful mood after she asked Mike Bushell to pose as a statue.

In the most recent episode of the well-liked morning show, Mike was in Birmingham via video link discussing the Commonwealth Games and he started his segment by assuming the position of one of the statues in the background.

But as he was about to wrap up and host Charlie Sayatt thanked him for his time, Naga instructed him to stand in a manner similar to The River sculpture statue, which is in the water feature behind him.

Charlie said: we’ll see you later on.

Naga interrupted the conversation, saying, “Well hold on a minute Mike, well Mike starts by doing the statue poses so I was just looking behind you.”

Mike turned to look behind him and decided to go ahead, but a crew member could be heard yelling, “Not on the edge!”

Mike posed up a storm


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