Netflix’s “Cobra Kai”: Are Xolo Mariduena and Hannah Keppel’s romantic relations over for good?


For a very long time, both the actors in the series and “Cobra Kai” have been setting trends. Xolo Mariduena is the most talked-about actor in the show, and his romantic life is the subject of the most rumors. He is best known for playing Victor Graham in the NBC TV drama “Parenthood” and Miguel Diaz in the Netflix series “Cobra Kai.” In the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie “Blue Beetle,” he will play Jaime Reyes, also known as Blue Beetle.

In the Netflix series “Cobra Kai,” there are so many endearing relationships to keep track of. The original “Karate Kid” film series has been instrumental in enabling the fantastic karate-focused spinoff series. Because their respective dojos are at odds, the show’s characters Sam and Miguel discover they have feelings for one another in the first season but keep their distance from one another until recently. But Miguel’s actual love life is a little more complicated than that! Learn how by reading on.

Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” stars Jacob Bertrand, who is 22 and worth $2 million in addition to dating Peyton List.

What can we expect from Miguel Diaz in the newest season of the Netflix series “Cobra Kai” and how old is he there?

During the first season of the “Cobra Kai” series filming in the middle of 2018, he encountered and approached actress Hannah Kepple. Following that, Mariduena and Kepple quickly began dating. In an interview with US magazine, Keppel revealed that she was dating Xolo, who plays Miguel. They then began sharing pictures and videos on their official social networks for fans and the general public. We were flirtatious in Season 1 and were actually friends, so when we started corresponding after Season 1, something clicked.

Sadly, it appears that the couple may have broken up. Social media accounts for Mariduena and Kepple used to be a diary of their romance. However, all of their collective photos were deleted at some point in the latter half of 2021.

Following this, there were rumors that Mariduena was seeing his other co-star Mary Mouser, who plays Sam and is also his love interest in the show. Despite the persistent rumors surrounding them, she and actor Brett Pierce celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in December 2020. No one is certain that Mary and Brett are still together as of right now because she hasn’t shared any new images or videos of them together since their five-year anniversary celebration.

Since Mary is a frequent user of social media, the absence of any new posts featuring Brett makes us suspect that their relationship may have ended. A further indication that they may be truly over one another is that Brett no longer follows her on Instagram. But as of right now, nothing about a split has been confirmed or denied by her, so this is all just conjecture.

Regardless of whether Mary and Brett were dating or not, it has been confirmed by Netflixlife that she doesn’t seem to be dating Xolo either. There’s a chance that Mary and Xolo will both spend some time living their best lives as single young adults! Due to the fact that Xolo frequently posts pictures of himself with his close friends without mentioning any specific people, it is highly likely that he is currently completely single. If he were indeed dating someone, it is very likely that he would feel at ease posting pictures of them.

Cobra Kai’s fifth season debuts on Netflix on Friday, September 9.




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