New photos of Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska have led fans to speculate that she has undergone plastic surgery.


A number of Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s fans have asserted that she has undergone plastic surgery.

Fans who have a keen eye for such things have claimed to have spotted “tell-tale signs” of cosmetic surgery in Chelsea’s most recent photo.


Fans claimed Chelsea had lip fillers, Botox, and a nose job


They were promoting their press tour for their HGTV tour, Down Home Fab, when the MTV star and her husband, Cole DeBoer, 34, posted this photo to Instagram.

Online commenters speculated that the Teen Mom 2 alum had plastic surgery, including a rhinoplasty, a brow lift, and a brow augmentation (also known as a brow lift), based on her Instagram photo.


A devoted follower remarked, “Her eyes look so different!” Would you lose the contour of your eyes if you had a hood lifted?

She probably had Botox and a lip filler like everyone else,” another fan speculated.

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There’s a clear part in her hair, which I think gives it away.

A third supporter said, “I see a nose job too. Modifying the entire face with Botox and fillers.

“Chelsea most certainly did something to the eyes,” a fourth person said. She used a lot of concealer and powder around her eyes.

I think just tons of filler injections and Botox,” added a commentator.

She also seems to have a different chin, but I’ve heard that injectables can alter facial structure.


A recent TikTok video of the 31-year-old reality star has sparked rumors that she has a new appearance.

Chelsea filmed a tutorial alongside herself in which she demonstrates how to detangle a messy bun.

She explained: “Messy bun tutorial.

The TV star suggested wearing your hair “flip-down,” but admitted that this style is only successful if you “have a bunch of extensions.”

Skeptics focused more on her physical attributes, saying things like “she lost a lot of weight in her face.”

The “filter and weird face” and “her eye and mouth shape is so different now,” said one critic, respectively, to make her look “really odd.”

The mother of four has denied undergoing plastic surgery but has made hints about receiving Botox from her dentist father.


The MTV mother took to Instagram to break some sad news to her followers.

 The family’s Great Dane, Phil, passed away.

The video compilation showed the dog getting along great with the kids, especially Chelsea’s 13-year-old daughter Aubree.

The heartbreaking post was captioned by Chelsea with the words “Grateful for nine years with this boy” and a rainbow emoji.

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Their names are Layne (3), Walker (1), and Watson (5), and Cole and his wife are proud parents of all three.

The former 16 & Pregnant star has a daughter named Aubree with her ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

Chelsea appeared on the MTV show, Teen Mom 2


Chelsea and Cole have a new show on HGTV titled Down Home Fab


Chelsea and Cole pictured with their four kids



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