NFC Team’s Desperate Hope: Promising Raider Hunter Renfrow Courted as Key Trade Target to Mend Their Struggles

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Hunter Renfrow’s role in the Las Vegas Raiders offense has been minimal in the first two games of the season. He has only been targeted once, resulting in a 23-yard catch.

This lack of involvement is concerning, considering Renfrow’s performance in the previous year, where he only had 36 catches. According to Ted Nguyen of The Athletic, the Carolina Panthers could be interested in trading for the wide receiver, especially since they have a shortage of talent at the position after trading D.J. Moore to the Chicago Bears during the offseason.

In a tweet, Nguyen mentioned that the Panthers might offer more compensation in a trade for Renfrow compared to other teams.

Considering Renfrow’s underwhelming performance in 2022 and the slow start to the 2023 season, his trade value may not be very high. The Raiders would likely consider a third-round pick good value for him, although they may have to settle for a fourth-round pick.

Josh McDaniels Discusses Hunter Renfrow

Despite giving Hunter Renfrow a two-year contract extension, it seems that general manager Dave Ziegler and head coach Josh McDaniels have not made plans to feature him prominently in the offense.

McDaniels believes that Renfrow deserves more targets based on his performance.

“He should have gotten the ball more than he did yesterday,” McDaniels said during a media availability on September 18. “Hunter has performed well, and sometimes the passing game depends on us doing the right thing and also the defense’s influence… There have been missed opportunities on our part, but that’s not solely due to Hunter.”

The lack of targets for Renfrow could be attributed to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. With limited time to build rapport due to Garoppolo’s foot injury and Renfrow’s missed training camp practices, their connection should improve as the season progresses, assuming Renfrow remains with the team.

Josh McDaniels Provides Updates on Davante Adams & Jakobi Meyers

The Raiders had a scare in Week 2 when wide receiver Davante Adams left the game and was evaluated for a concussion. Additionally, Jakobi Meyers missed Week 2 with a concussion. Fortunately, McDaniels had positive updates on both wide receivers.

“Tae is good. Tae’s good,” McDaniels said. “And Jakobi is just going through the process of coming back. I won’t make any definitive statements yet because things can change quickly. But Tae is good, Jakobi is heading in the right direction, and we’ll see how this week goes.”

Based on McDaniels’ comments, it appears that Adams will be able to play in Week 3, while Meyers’ status is still uncertain. As the Raiders prepare for their home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, having both wide receivers available would provide a boost to their offense.

Austin Boyd has covered the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Lakers for Heavy.com since 2019. Born and raised in Los Angeles, his featured work at Heavy includes interviews with NFL stars Darren Waller and Joe Montana, and a behind-the-scenes look at “The Shop.” More about Austin Boyd

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