Nick Saban’s Bold Move on Alabama QB1 Leaves Analyst in Awe: “Diabolical Genius, I Can’t Help But Admire You!”


Jalen Milroe Named Alabama’s Starting Quarterback for SEC Opener

Jalen Milroe has been named the starting quarterback for Alabama for their SEC opener against Ole Miss. This decision comes after Milroe showed necessary leadership while benched against USF in a 17-3 win on September 16. In the previous game against Texas, Milroe completed just over 50% of his passes and threw two interceptions in a 34-24 loss. As a result, head coach Nick Saban decided to give Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson a try under center.

Despite neither Buchner nor Simpson performing better than Milroe, it was Milroe’s cheering and support for his teammates on the sidelines that got him the nod moving forward. However, some believe that Saban deliberately benched Milroe to make a point to offensive coordinator Tommy Rees, who struggled with his former Notre Dame QB Buchner.

Was Saban’s Benching of Milroe Strategic?

Saturday Down South’s Chris Marler thinks so. He called Saban a “diabolical a-hole” and said he loved him for it. According to Marler, Saban sent the fanbase into turmoil in Tampa to prove a point. This suggests that Saban deliberately benched Milroe, his preferred QB1 choice, to send a message to Rees.

Saban Praises Milroe’s Leadership

While Saban didn’t mention any secret tryouts between Milroe, Buchner, and Simpson, he did state that Milroe played the best of any Alabama QB in the first three weeks of the season. Saban highlighted Milroe’s leadership and his ability to support his teammates. Linebacker Deontae Lawson also expressed excitement about Milroe being the on-field leader offensively.

Should Milroe Have Been Benched?

CBS Sports’ Barrett Sallee believes that Milroe should never have been benched. Sallee argues that poor offensive line play is part of the Crimson Tide program’s identity and that Saban and the offensive staff tried to force Milroe to be something he’s not instead of developing an offense around his strengths. While Sallee doesn’t view Milroe as a great option, he believes he is the best option for the upcoming game against Ole Miss.

Overall, Milroe has been given the starting quarterback role for Alabama’s SEC opener. While some speculate that Saban’s benching was strategic, Saban insists that Milroe showed the necessary leadership. Only time will tell if Milroe can lead the Crimson Tide to victory.


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