No matter how obvious my piercing is through my shirt, I no longer feel the need to wear a bra and never will again.


The decision of an influencer to go braless has been met with widespread support from her audience.

She has accepted herself as she is and claims that it is the responsibility of those who find her bra-free to feel uncomfortable.


She wore this fun T-shirt in her video


Angelina Nicolle documented her transition to a bra-free lifestyle in a YouTube video.

She wrote emphatically, “Why I never wear bras, why I stopped wearing bras, and why I will never wear bras ever again.”

Since “we live in a society where women are kind of expected to wear bras,” she said, “I want to address how to be confident not wearing bras.”

Angelina’s journey has consisted of the gradual realization that a bra is not necessary.

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When she was in eighth grade, she wore “super-padded” Victoria’s Secret numbers, she said.

She said, “I have really small boobs, so sometimes I would wear two bras at once to make them look bigger.”

At the time, she said, “I wanted all the boys to like me, I wanted the boys to notice me, and I wanted them to find me physically attractive.”

“I think that’s a pretty natural thing, and it’s pretty sad because I spent so much time worrying and focusing on that when I could have just been living my life,” she reflected, thinking back on the time.

Angelina said that women’s fear of showing their nipples was a major obstacle to going bra-free.

She emphasized that everyone should relax because “it’s just a body part.”

She felt exposed the first time she went out without a bra, she said.

It always seemed to me like eyes were on me. “It would be very obvious to me,” she explained.

“Someone said they could see my nipple piercing through my shirt in a recent try-on haul,” she recalled.

Angelina is now blissfully bra-free


But she didn’t let that stop her.

You are not obligated to wear a bra; doing so is a personal choice. I’ve never felt more liberated. Forget it; I couldn’t care less. When I walk, my shoulders are relaxed.

I don’t think it’s personal if someone is turned off by the way I look. That’s not my problem; it’s theirs.

There were a lot of people waiting in line to comment after seeing her post get over 50,000 views.

It’s like, “Omg yes. This viewer confessed, “I never wear bras and I have fairly large boobs; it took me a while to realize that they don’t actually matter, and I’m so glad I did.”

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An additional commenter shared, “I’m a D cup and I’ve been going braless a lot and it’s very empowering and freeing. Get rid of your bras, ladies.

“I recently stopped wearing bras and feel so free and confident,” she said, becoming the latest member of the “no-bra club.”

If people have a problem with it, that's their problem she said



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