Now is the time for the millions of people who own Apple AirPods to check the cases, as there may be a costly issue at hand.


Users of the Apple AirPods are being urged to immediately verify that their headphones are authentic.

One TikTok user explained in 42 seconds how Apple customers can identify counterfeit AirPods.


The clip opens with the TikToker comparing two white AirPod Pro cases that appear to be identical.

The two devices are identical in appearance, he said, sharing the same characteristics such as a lightning port, LED indicator lights, and rear-mounted pairing buttons.

He also noticed that the iOS animation window was identical, and that his iPhone showed the same model number.

“But still, one of them is actually fake,” he said. “The quickest way to find out is to peruse the governing text.”

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Text like this appears on the bottom of the AirPods, as well as on the inside of the case’s lid.

“Definitely be aware, as fakes are becoming almost indistinguishable from the real thing,” the content creator warned at the end of his video.

The useful advice has been viewed thousands of times since it was posted on TikTok.

Sound quality, along with a lack of transparency, noise cancellation, and force touch, is the main giveaway of the fakes, according to one user.

“The lightning connector is also slightly different,” another person added.

After being announced by Apple on October 28, 2019, the AirPods Pro were made available to the public on October 30, 2019.


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