Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham launches OnlyFans after taking 8,000 photos of himself in the nude.


Matthew Mitcham, who won an Olympic gold medal, launched an OnlyFans page after taking 8,000 naked photos of himself.

The 34-year-old diver captured the 10m platform at the Beijing Games in 2008 with the highest score ever recorded for the competition.


The diver won gold at the Olympics in 2008


Matthew Mitcham [left] won silver at the 2010 Commonwealth Games being beaten by Tom Daley [right]


However, Mitcham has struggled with addiction and mental health issues since becoming a hero.

After overcoming issues with alcohol and the drug methamphetamine, he has been sober for seven years.

The Australian is gay and has admitted that as a young person, he felt ashamed of his sexuality. He is currently married to British diver and fellow OnlyFans creator Luke Rutherford.

Mitcham admitted his motivation for joining the adult website when he spoke with The Morning Show about it.

“Take a thousand naked photographs of yourself while you’re young and beautiful,” said the character in Schitt’s Creek, “so I took 8000 just to be safe,” he continued.

“It’s just one more way that people can get in touch with me.

“I don’t do anything particularly risqué. I just like to flaunt my gorgeous body, which is quickly transitioning from an athlete body to a civilian body, but people still want to see it.

Mitcham asserts that his drug use issues began following a post-Olympics slump.

“Drugs and alcohol don’t makе problеms go away; all thеy do is lеavе you with problеms and a hangovеr,” hе dеclarеd.

Currеntly, Mictham works to promotе divеrsity and inclusion in sports and sеrvеs as an ambassador for thе charity Controlling Chеmsеx, which hеlps pеoplе struggling with sеx and drug addiction.


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