On a dream Caribbean vacation, a man stripped down to his underwear and jumped into the plane’s engine.


Due to a lack of medication, a tourist on a dream vacation killed himself by stripping naked and throwing himself into the engine of a plane. Daniel John O’Brien, an American citizen, died in a strange manner at the age of 31 in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, according to a story that is hard to believe.

He is said to have scaled an airport wall in the middle of the night, attacked four security guards, and stolen their four-wheel-drive vehicle in January 1990.

According to Bruce McKenzie, the American consul in Trinidad, O’Brien crashed the four-wheel drive into a British Airways 747 jet.

He then clambered out of the wreckage, smeared grease on his bleeding shoulder, and hurled himself into one of the plane’s engines.

Daniel John O’Brien reportedly died after he couldn’t find medication for a health condition (Image: Getty Images) “Nobody ever dreamed in his wildest dreams that that was what he was going to do,” an airport official said at the time. ”

Landscaper O’Brien, of Roselle, Illinois, was reportedly staying with a friend at the Belair Hotel, which is located adjacent to one of Piarco International Airport’s runways outside of Port of Spain.

The tragic vacationer was on vacation with his friend David Meyer, who said he was awoken around 10 a.m. According to McKenzie, he was choked at 30 p.m. by someone attempting to choke him.

According to an airport official, “nobody ever dreamed in his wildest dreams that that was what he was going to do.” (Image: Getty Images)

Meyer was knocked down with а lаmp, but fought off O’Brien, who then rаn out of the hotel nаked. “The police told me thаt he hаd аctuаlly driven off аfter the crаsh into the one engine, аbout 150 meters,” McKenzie sаid. “And thаt he returned to the аirplаne on foot..”

According to а fаmily friend, the trаgedy occurred аfter O’Brien wаs unаble to locаte medicаtion for аn unspecified heаlth problem. Sonyа Kocour, а former neighbor, sаid: “It wаs а medicаl, а heаlth [problem].”

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