One of the largest UFO sightings ever documented on film shows a V-shaped string of lights in the American sky.


The Phoenix Lights, a mysterious formation of lights seen by thousands of people in Arizona and Nevada, have been observed for 26 years today.

Hundreds of people reported seeing the strange lights in the sky in March of 1997.


Many people saw these lights and immediately assumed they were alien spacecraft.

It all began in Nevada, where a resident saw what appeared to be a V-shaped object with six lights covering it pass overhead.

Not long after that, more witnesses saw nine lights that appeared to “hover” over Phoenix and then vanish.

At various times between 7:30 and 10:30 p.m., multiple people reported seeing the mysterious lights.

Many people saw the lights and called the National UFO Reporting Center to report them, convinced that they were evidence of alien craft.

Former Arizona governor Fife Symington admitted in 2007 that he had been a witness.

Symington described the events as “otherworldly.”

What he saw “was bigger than anything I’ve ever seen,” he said. The mystery persists, and that is saying something.

A few Twitter users have reported seeing the lights themselves.

One woman tweetedThey were very visible from where we were staying in Maryvale at the time. At first, we thought the lights over South Mountain were military flares.

Still, it’s possible that the Phoenix Lights have a simple explanation, too.

On the night in question, a group of visiting jets from the Maryland Air National Guard used powerful flares over a bombing range near Phoenix.

Military officials in Arizona said the flares would have made for “quite a light show” in the region.

Officials have said the lights can be put down to military flares



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