OnlyFans is now on top of raunchy Instagram after a boob-flashing sports fan sparked a brawl.

To go along with her raunchy Instagram feed, a boob-flashing fan has started her own OnlyFans account.

Danae Mari went viral in January after exposing her boobs in front of a sporting event crowd, resulting in a brawl. A woman confronted Mari and yelled “there are children,” according to footage posted on social media.

Mari is now attempting to profit from her newfound fame, having launched her own account on adult content site OnlyFans, which allows her fans to pay to see exclusive posts from her.

Mari’s OnlyFans account, which has 11,700 followers, joins her raunchy Instagram feed in allowing her fans to see racy posts from Mari.

She regularly dazzles her fans with racy photos of herself in scantily clad poses, and she claims in her biography that her account has been disabled three times.

Should Danae Mari have been removed from the audience for flashing her boobs? Please share your thoughts in the box below.

Back in January, Danae Mari showed off her boobs at a sporting event.

(Image: instagram.com/danaemari2.0)

Danae Mari made headlines in January after flashing her boobs and causing a fight.

Mari revealed that she had been dumped by her boyfriend after 11 years of dating after footage of her antics at a sporting event went viral in January.

The woman who confronted her was booed by onlookers before being doused in beer as she walked away, according to the video.

During an appearance on the No Jumper podcast in January, she hinted that she might start an OnlyFans account, saying, “After this, I have the uncensored video, so now that I’m out on the streets, I might as well make some money out of it.”

Danae Mari has 11,700 followers on her raunchy Instagram account.

“As far as being able to take care of myself, it’s something to look forward to.” I guess I’ll take advantage of the situation.”

“I don’t have a choice but to become more self-reliant.” I believe that everything is happening for a reason for me, so take advantage of it.”

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