‘Outrageous Failure: Epic ‘Starfield’ Mod Exposed as Incompetent in Eradication of Non-Binary Pronouns, Leading to Its Immediate Removal


Starfield Mod Fails to Remove Non-Binary Pronouns and Faces Backlash

Nowadays, game developers are making efforts to be more inclusive and diverse in their games, addressing sensitive topics and presenting a wide range of characters. Starfield, a highly-anticipated game, took a small step towards inclusivity by allowing players to choose their character’s pronouns during the character creation process. While this was an optional feature that players could ignore if they preferred, one modder decided to create a pronoun-removal mod for those who were upset about this addition.

A Failed Attempt

Although the mod aimed to remove he/him and she/her pronouns, it unintentionally made every character non-binary by default. Anyone who installed the mod and created a character ended up with they/them pronouns. This oversight became a source of amusement and garnered pushback from the internet. People found the situation humorous and shared their thoughts on various online platforms, leading to the ultimate downfall of the mod.

Banned from Nexus Mods

The pronoun-removal mod was initially available for download on Nexus Mods, a popular online repository for fan-made modifications of games. However, the mod was ultimately banned from the platform on September 17. The decision to remove the mod was not motivated by a political agenda but rather the platform’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Nexus Mods stated that the removal of diversity does not promote a positive modding community, leading to the ban.

Controversy and Backlash

Some users expressed their frustration with the removal of the pronoun-removal mod, arguing that players should have the freedom to decide which mods to add or remove from their single-player games. This sparked a debate about the boundaries and limitations of modding. However, Nexus Mods clarified that while they do not police what players can mod into their games, they have the right to choose the content they host on their platform. The platform also expressed its lack of regret towards the departure of a minority who responded with hatred, vitriol, and threats of violence.

Discussion and Comparison

The failure of the pronoun-removal mod highlighted the ignorance of some individuals who fail to comprehend the importance of inclusive language. It also led to comparisons with other games that feature pronoun selection, such as Baldur’s Gate 3. Interestingly, these other games did not face any issues or backlash regarding pronoun choices. The incident with the Starfield mod stirred up controversy and raised questions about the criteria for banning mods on Nexus Mods.

The Future of Inclusive Mods

Although the pronoun-removal mod faced backlash and subsequent removal, the incident may pave the way for more boldly inclusive mods in the future. As game developers continue to prioritize diversity and inclusivity, it is likely that players will see an increase in mods that celebrate and embrace these values. Ultimately, the incident with the mod serves as a reminder of the importance of creating an inclusive gaming community that welcomes and respects all individuals.


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