Paige Sandhu, who plays Meena Jutla on Emmerdale, has confirmed that her character will return.

Paige Sandhu has revealed that her Emmerdale character Meena Jutla could make a comeback.

The serial killer nurse will appear in a special 50th anniversary episode of the soap.

However, another of the show’s characters will be involved in Meena’s explosive comeback.

She was arrested in April for holding a courtroom hostage and threatening to kill her sister, Manpreet.

Paige said to the Daily Mirror when asked if she would return for the ITV soap’s golden anniversary, “I never say never.” Everything is up in the air with Emmerdale this year – it’ll be the biggest and best yet. We’ll see because I can’t say much right now.”

Meena was jailed for taking a courtroom hostage

Ian Beeker, the man who was going to help her escape, was the prison guard on her ward, it was revealed.

“Well, of course, anything,” she said when asked if she would like a twist for Meena. I had a lot of fun playing Meena, and I think she’s a master manipulator. I wouldn’t rule out her twisting him, or another prison guard, or anyone else, around her little finger.

“I think she’s in prison right now, she’s been in prison, she’s having a good time, she’ll find her escape room and return…”

Paige isn’t ruling out a revenge twist for Meena

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She also hinted at retaliation if Beeker crossed her.

“She’ll make him pay,” she declared. She always wants to win, and this time she hasn’t. As a result, there will be a great deal of enmity.”

“I would love to have a spin-off!” she said when asked about the possibility of appearing in a Bad Girls spin-off. Is this for real? I’d be thrilled! A petition for a Meena spin-off was started by someone. I’m not sure if that worked. If there is a spin-off, I believe it will be a huge hit!”

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