Passport types that most people are unaware even exist.


HAS anyone ever told you about these obscure passports from tiny countries?

You may be familiar with some of the world’s most advantageous passports, such as those of Japan and New Zealand, but you may be unaware of others.


Malta Sovereign Order

Only diplomats are eligible to receive the Malta Sovereign Order passport.

Diplomats are the only people who are granted these difficult-to-obtain documents.

It can be difficult to travel with this passport, as it is not accepted by the United Kingdom, the United States, or New Zealand.

There are only 500 of these highly sought-after documents in circulation, reports the New Zealand Herald.

A standard Maltese passport is available to all other Maltese citizens.

Vatican City

The Vatican City State, the world’s smallest independent state, is located right in the middle of Rome.

While a passport is not required to visit these sacred grounds, locals and employees do require special identification documents.

The Holy See (or the Pope) or the Vatican City State can issue these passports.

The passport’s language also differs depending on its issuing country.

The Holy See’s passports include Latin, French, and English language skills, while the Vatican City State’s passports include Italian, French, and English language skills.

The majority of Italian citizens carry Italian passports, while a small percentage also possess San Marino passports.


It’s no surprise that Mongolia has a strict procedure for obtaining a passport, given that the country has been issuing them for hundreds of years.

Within 30 days of turning 16, all eligible individuals must register for a passport.

At the same time, non-Mongolians will have to apply for passports at the Presidential administration or the Mongolian embassy.

No exceptions are made for dual citizenship, so any previous passports must be abandoned.


A Bruneian passport, issued by one of the world’s wealthiest countries, is valid in a wide range of countries without the need for a visa.

A visa is not required for citizens of Brunei to visit Canada, China, France, the United Kingdom, or the United States.

However, given that their passports expire after only five years, they will have to be renewed more frequently.


Tuvalu is a tiny island nation in the South Pacific that issues passports only to its citizens, who are in a pretty good position.

Passport holders from Tuvalu can visit 126 countries without a visa.


Nauru in the Pacific is the third smallest country in the world after Vatican City and Monaco.

The island’s passport is only available to its 12,500 residents, so you won’t see many of them traveling with it.

It’s important to check your passport for any novelty stamps, as these may result in a flight ban.

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A woman was denied entry to Spain at the airport because of a new passport error, even though she had proof.

This is because her passport was found to have no evidence of her having left Spain.

Some of the world's smallest countries have the best passports for visa-free travel



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