Paying tribute to the ‘irreplaceable’ woman, 25, who was killed in a horrific accident shortly after taking custody of her two teenage sisters

A “irreplaceable” woman who lost her life in a car accident shortly after being appointed the guardian of her two teenage sisters has received tributes.

At 3.15 a.m. on Friday, Natalie Marshall, 25, lost her life when her Mercedes C Class collided with a tree outside of Darlington. A man, age 21, suffered serious injuries.


Natalie Marshall, 25, was living with the youngsters, 17 and 14, in Co. Durham


The three sisters, ages 17, 14, and EE sales representative Natalie, recently moved in together in St Helen Auckland, County. A Durham.

Shannon Murray, a 25-year-old close family friend, has now launched an online fundraising campaign to support the two children.

Shannon told the Northern Echo, “They were Natalie’s world, and she worked so hard to make sure both girls had a good life.”

“She put the needs of the children before her own, and she would watch out for them. To make sure they had everything they wanted for Christmas and their birthdays, she grafted off her rear end.

According to Shannon, Natalie had been waiting for guardianship for “years” and had “just finally” received it.

Chloe Coleman, Natalie’s older sister and mother of two young children, has taken over the girls’ legal guardianship. Shannon is assisting with taking care of them.

More than $2,000 has already been raised for the cause. To make sure the girls have enough for uniforms, food, vacations, and other outings, it will be used.

Chloe, 28, said: “Knowing Natalie and having her as my sister was a privilege.

“She was someone who cannot be replaced.

“She was the essence of everything, and her laugh was contagious.

“She would just start telling stories. No other Natalie will ever exist.

Out of all of us, Natalie had the biggest personality, said Shannon.

“She was the life and soul of everyone’s party.

“What has happened has shоcked all оf us.”

Natalie, accоrding tо her, “lived every day as if it were her last.”

She stated that “her death has left a very big hоle in everyоne’s hearts.”

A fundraiser has started to ensure the family won't go without


Friends say Natalie's death has left a 'very big hole' in their hearts


Her big sister Chloe is now taking care of the girls


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