People advise me to wear a bra underneath my cheerleading outfit, but I don’t believe I need one.


Unsurprisingly, cheerleader uniforms can be constricting. However, one cheerleader is unwilling to wear undergarments that can help prevent slips.

Cheerleader Clara Walker, 19, shared the video with her 130k+ TikTok followers.

Clara, a 19-year-old cheerleader, cheers for Florida State


People tell her that she should wear a bra under her uniform but she doesn't listen


Clara shared remarks that she had received about her uniform from others, but she had chosen to disregard them.

One person advised, “You should really wear a bra under your cheerleader uniform.”

She twirled and shot the camera a suggestive look.

She shook her head and lifted up her red and white top.

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“No sir,” she replied.

The majority of her uniform top was still lifted as she posed.

The cheerleader stood tall and proud, her chest showing.

Her followers expressed their shock and disbelief in the comments section.

“I about had a heart attack,” said one commenter.

Others joked about taking her out on a date.

Another said, “Want to go with me to Dave and Busters?”

“I’m a VIP.”

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Others had requests for the cheerleader.

Another said, “Please do it again with high-knee socks on.”

She lifts up her shirt and ignores the advice



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