People always say I photoshop my pictures because of my large bust, but the truth is that my chest is too heavy for boob tape.


Unexpectedly, trolls attacked a TIKTOK user after they posted a candid photo.

She then released another video to refute the claims made against her, but some people believe she was set up.


Keenan was trolled after sharing a photo from her birthday celebration on TikTok


When Chaeli Keenan (@chaelikeenan) posted a photo from her birthday bash, the trolls came out of the woodwork.

She appeared to enjoy herself while laughing at a provocative photo of herself in a low-cut top.

It was Keenan’s birthday, but he “totally forgot about this pic” in the caption.

At first, the green screen effect only revealed her happy face as she revealed the image behind her.

I have secret boobs - they're 32DDs but people always say I 'don't look that big'
I’m curvy with 36I-cup boobs – I dress how I want & don’t hide my plus-size body

Keenan then moved out of the way, revealing an ample chest area.

In other videos on her profile, her “secret boobs” aren’t as obvious, so a few commenters joked about them.

How do you hide them so well? asked one of her viewers.

Someone else chimed in, “Ah, hell no,” clearly expecting a fight. In other words, “That’s Photoshop.”

Keenan, however, had evidence that her curves were genuine. She also showed off another photo from that same night in a different video.

She even admitted that she wouldn’t be wearing a bra or any other support garment.

Keenan shared another snap as 'proof' that her figure was the real deal


“The boobie tape didn’t work,” she captioned the photo. They weighed too much, so.

Keenan stated categorically that she hid her breasts because she viewed them as a liability rather than an asset.

“Damn, how’s your back?” a worried spectator enquired.

“Broken,” a miserable Keenan wrote back. She provided more detail in her subsequent remarks.

More of a burden than a benefit, she swore. “In all honesty, it hurts pretty much constantly.”

On the other hand, some commenters insisted it was a blessing – for them.

“You are so pretty and hot,” said an admirer.

The original “skeptical” commenter was praised by other users who claimed he was acting suspicious in order to access additional images.

Several of the men in Keenan’s life have requested additional photos as “proof” of her dimensions.

“Birthday mixtape?” one person asked. She was urged by her companions to document the evening with video clips.

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And a few men just wanted Keenan to set them free.

“Reject me so I can move on,” one pleaded.


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