People are always warning me to be careful around my dog, calling his name appropriately and suggesting we “ride him.”


Someone who owns a pet says that whenever they go out, their dog is the center of attention, but that most people don’t realize that it’s not actually a dog.

The big dog always seems to catch people off guard, which leads to interesting conversations.


More than 67,000 people follow the @cooper_and_brewski TikTok account, which features the owner’s three dogs, Cooper, Brewski, and Moose, and their antics.

People always seem to stop what they’re doing when they see Moose, a Newfoundland dog.

The owner of Moose demonstrated what happens when they take him for a stroll in a video.

Some people who meet Moose don’t believe the owner when she says he’s a dog.

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“That’s not a dog…that’s a bear,” said one person.

Someone else suggested that Moose’s owners put a saddle on him so that he could be ridden.

A moose’s name is a good one, as the caption puts it.

To quote one Newfoundland dog owner who wrote: “The saddle one triggers me every time.”

The TikToker laughed in agreement.

The Canadian island of Newfoundland is the birthplace of the Newfoundland dog breed.

A male adult can grow to a maximum height of 28 inches, while a female adult can grow to a maximum height of 26 inches, as reported by the American Kennel Club.

The average lifespan of this species is nine to ten years, and it weighs around 100 to 150 pounds.

In spite of their massive stature, Newfoundlands are known for having a mild disposition and being particularly friendly toward kids.

This breed is commonly referred to as the “nanny dog” due to the affectionate and patient natures that have earned them this label.

One person suggested putting a saddle on the pooch to 'ride him'



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