People are impressed that I lost 100 pounds in 4 months after disclosing my “weight loss fruit smoothie.”


A FIT model shared her go-to “weight loss fruit smoothie,” which she claimed assisted in her 100-pound weight loss.

For the committed health enthusiast, it only took four months to achieve the impressive glow up.


She revealed her favorite weight loss fruit smoothie which is full of nutritious ingredients


She attributed the weight loss to a strict intermittent fasting plan.

Rosa Charice (@rosacharice) posted about her strict routine and the smoothie that helped her lose weight on TikTok.

Her go-to beverage is made up of water, whey protein powder, greens, bananas, pineapple, and dragonfruit.

In addition, Charice advocated intermittent fasting, which limited meals and snacks to a single window each day.

I weighed 253lbs & lost 100lbs - my boobs went from 48DDD to 34B with loose skin
I’m a gym girl - people say I look ‘absolutely unreal’ after losing 100lbs

The stunning brunette also suggested maintaining a calorie deficit.

She worked out five times per week and made it a point to walk 10,000 steps every day.

Charice added that she made sure to “stay hydrated” throughout the day by consuming enough water.

Those who watched the inspiring health journey posted their thoughts and queries in the comment section.

One enquired, “How do you fight the hunger.” That’s my issue, so I usually overspend.

Charice retorted, “High volume, low calorie foods and avoiding processed food.”

“Can I use spring water?” another asked.

“Sure,” Charice said.

Many viewers questioned how she managed to shed 100 pounds in such a short amount of time.

Thе basal mеtabolic ratе is highеr in pеoplе who arе ovеrwеight, obеsе, or morbidly obеsе than it is in pеoplе who fall within thе normal wеight rangе.

This mеans that thеsе pеoplе can typically losе wеight morе quickly than thеir thinnеr countеrparts with lеss еxеrcisе and caloriе rеstriction.

Charice stunned viewers by losing 100 pounds in four months


Her go-to smoothie contained fruits, protein powder, greens, and water



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