People are only now becoming aware of the disgusting spot in the dishwasher that we neglected to clean, which is delaying their dinner.


There might be something incredibly evil hiding in a particular area of your dishwasher.

One woman’s disgusting discovery is even making some people lose their appetite, and it’s a spot in your machine that needs to be cleaned frequently.


It's making people lose their appetites


Due to her practical organizing tips, cleaning pro Mai Zimmy has a sizable social media following. Her most recent video clip completely astounded viewers.

Zimmy opened a TikTok video she shared with her 158k followers by saying, “I bet you don’t know this cleaning hack.”

If you’ve cleaned your dishwasher thoroughly and the smell of garbage is still there, try what I’m about to demonstrate.

Zimmy advised getting a brush and cleaning the space between the dishwasher door’s crevice and its bottom hinge.

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A toothbrush will work just as well, but she used the Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber ($17.38), which is available on Amazon.

As she demonstrated her cleaning method, Zimmy said, “A disturbing amount of goo can linger here, and as one can imagine, does not smell great.

Get all of that mysterious slime out of there, wipe it away, and here’s to a dishwasher that doesn’t leave dishes that smell like vomit.

After she had finished cleaning, she used a paper towel to remove any remaining grime.

The cleaning enthusiast advised viewers to always maintain their machines by following the fundamentals.

This entails cleaning washer filters and running the “sanitize” cycle with a container full of vinegar on the top rack.

The woman’s video’s viewers expressed their outrage in the comments section, with some finding it difficult to finish their meals.

“IM EATING, NOOO,” wrote one disgusted person.

A second person said, “This reminds me of the video where they put the toilet seat in the dishwasher.”

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“Oh my god!” a third exclaimed.

“Yes, my dishwasher also has this issue! One more person exclaimed, “It is so disgusting!”

Zimmy said to get a brush and scrub between the crevice of your dishwasher door and where it hinges on the bottom


When she was done scrubbing, she wiped all the extra gunk off with a paper towel



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