People describe me as “absolutely beautiful” in both my military uniform as a sergeant and my Hooters uniform.


People have been amazed at how she managed to wear both uniforms while working as a MILITARY sergeant and at Hooters.

The outfit video was shared by Texas-based creator Debbe Fuentes with her more than 7,000 TikTok fans.

Debbe Fuentes, a military and Hooters girl, showed off both her uniforms


She took a photo in her Hooters leotard


She shared her assignment details while posing in a mirror while wearing her army uniform.

Unexpectedly, she also works as a Hooters server on the side.

Photos of the service worker wearing the orange-and-white uniform showed how adaptable she is.

She added daily and departure videos of herself working out and getting ready.

I’m a Hooters girl - people say I don’t deserve tips due to my hangover uniform
I’m 40 and tried my old Hooters uniform 11 years on people are blown away

“Had to hop on this trend,” she said.

“#Nationalguard #Hootersgirl #Bestofbothworlds.”

People posted their ideas in the comments section.

Many were impressed with her beauty and position.

“Yeah wow absolutely beautiful,” said one viewer.

Another viewer chimed in, “Simp man simp man yeah that’s me.”

A fellow soldier offered to go to Parade Rest for you.

An inactive drill position known as a “parade rest” is used by junior soldiers to respect their more senior officers.

Others agreed with the sentiment.

Another admirer chimed in, “If you’re my team leader, I’ll re-up.”

She also shared pics of herself on a night out



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