People frequently comment on my naturally large breasts and advise me to “get a reduction,” but I am unable to do so.


Being well-endowed isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, according to a BUSTY woman.

She talked about the criticism she gets for having big breasts, including those who advise her to get them smaller.


In a frank video post on TikTok, Zandria Radkie (@zandria.radkie) revealed the feedback she receives regarding her distinctive measurements.

She titled the video, “Questions I Get Asked About My Boobs.”

The Canadian beauty flaunted her curvy figure in a skin-tight white tank top.

She wrote, echoing the queries she gets from people who are interested in her large chest, “Do they hurt your back?”

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“Well f**king duh,” she replied.

“Why don’t you get a reduction?” others asked.

“I’m broke,” she responded.

Some asked Radkie, “Can I hold them, mommy?” and Radkie simply said, “No.”

Strong opinions were expressed by viewers who watched the video and left comments.

One person wrote, “No, the question is can I rest my head there at night.

“They look great,” another added.

“Flawless,” a third commented.

Others offered Zadkie suggestions on how she might pay for a breast reduction if she desired.

One wrote, “If you go get a note and everything from a doctor, insurance can cover a reduction 100%.”

She said she can't get a breast reduction because she's 'broke'



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