People frequently tell me they can “see my girls,” but since they are E-cups, they will be noticeable because I am the CEO of big boobs.


Big boobs woman found comments to cover up completely absurd.

An 18-year-old content creator named Alexis Shaw responded to those who told her they didn’t want to see her chest.


She wore a low-cut red cami and a pink beanie in a video she shared with her TikTok followers as she thought of her reply.

The self-styled “CEO of big boobs” discovered the ideal metaphor for her ideas using audio.

“Randall, there is a cow outside,” said a woman.

Randall grunted in response, “You’re going to have cows outside. This is a cow farm.”

I’m plus-size with big boobs & tried the ‘bikini bottoms as top’ challenge
I have big boobs - men always ask the same question, and they love my answer

She compared the sound to her own experience, saying, “When someone tells me they can see my boobs.”

“I have an E-cup, they are going to be visible.”

People posted their ideas in the comments section.

Nobody should try to conceal their beauty, one commenter said.

Another person added, “And it’s a blessing that they are visible.

“You’re cute either way,” said a third.

“Thank you for sharing,” said a fourth.

People tell her to cover up but she says they're big boobs, they're going to be visible no matter what



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