People in line at Walmart are buying candy that scans at the register for $1.75, 75% off the $7 price tag, and where to find more.


THIS frugal shopper discovered a candy bar with a 75% discount at Walmart.

Despite the ease of online shopping, the best way to find Walmart’s hidden clearance items is to visit the store itself.

TikToker @SavingWithPeggy shared her favorite clearance food finds from Walmart


Some of the hot dogs at her local Walmart were on sale for as much as 85 percent off


Peggy, who goes by @SavingsWithPeggy on TikTok, calls herself an “extreme couponer” and has nearly 100,000 followers.

She is always talking about the great deals she finds at places like Walmart, Target, and other department stores.

Some “really awesome clearance food finds” from Peggy’s local Walmart were featured in a recent video.

Peggy pointed out a number of discounted hot dogs hanging on the deli’s cold wall.

Walmart shoppers rush to buy Starbucks Cold Brew and cup that scans for $3.50
I found a kid's bedroom staple for $5 in Walmart hidden clearance

Some were as low as 85 percent off.

As you can see, the selection is vast, and the prices seem to follow no pattern.

Nonetheless, Peggy’s favorite find was in the ice cream freezer section.

Peggy claims you can do whatever you want with Thelma’s cookie dough, and she found several variations on this theme.

“You can eat these raw or cook them,” she said.

Although the cookie dough was originally $7 for two bags, the cashier only charged me $1.75.

“After bringing them home and tasting them, I would absoutlely pay the full $7 for these,” said Peggy.

“The snickerdoodles are incredible.”

Many of her viewers related stories about finding deals at Walmart.

”There was a lot of cheese on sale at my Walmart,” one user wrote. There was no anger on my part, I promise.

Oh, I need to look for the cookie dough,” another person wrote.

A bag of them would get you a kidney from Peggy, and she said as much.

She said there was no rhyme or reason for the marked down prices



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