People say I won the genetic lottery because I have the “perkiest on the market” breasts and I never bother to wear a bra.


A woman’s confidence is boosted by the way her breasts lay on her chest.

She claims her breasts are the “perkiest on the market,” so she never needs to wear a bra.

TikToker Paris proved why she doesn't have to wear a bra by showing her perky boobs


Paris Yang (@ppwyang_) shared a video that made her viewers believe she was genetically superior to the rest of us.

She drew attention to the no-bra position she adopted and the placement of her breasts.

And Paris certainly didn’t hold back in demonstrating to the world why she didn’t require any backup.

Usually, people ask her: “Don’t you need a bra?”

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Paris avoided the camera, thinking about how to respond.

She hid her bust under a baggy pink sweatshirt.

The self-assured woman popped a wad of gum into her mouth and gave some thought to her response.

The image changed to a full-length shot of her body in an instant.

Paris was spotted trying on a very revealing halter dress in a store mirror.

The dress was too short, exposing her entire cleavage and the top of her belly button.

Paris’s breasts were exposed due to the sheer fabric. In spite of this, her breasts were artfully positioned.

“Perkiest on the market,” she wrote.

More than 1,400 people watched the video and commented on how beautiful the woman’s breasts were.

“THEY SIT SO NICE,” an awed fan exclaimed.

A surprised viewer asked: “Girl, how the hell?”

A kind person once told me, “You won the genetic lottery.”

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The woman said, “Showing this to my surgeon, thanks,” and the other woman responded with jealousy.

You have no idea how lucky you are, said another viewer.

Paris deemed her boobs the 'perkiest on the market,' and people agreed


Viewers thought she won the genetic lottery when they saw her chest



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