People say I’m “stunning” because of my “short curvy body” and the large Skims haul I did.


The close fit of the items she purchased from a popular shapewear brand has been praised by her fans.

The clothes she showed off to her followers were absolutely stunning and lived up to all the hype.


She loved how it looked on her short curvy body


It was clear that Ari (@aritresleches) had scored big with her Skims purchase.

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear company has taken off since she helped found it.

A lot of people are talking about Skim on the internet.

Skims promotes body positivity and acceptance by offering a wide variety of sizes, from extra-extra small to extra-extra large.

I have a mom bod & did a Skims underwear haul, it’s giving ‘small sausage’
I'm 4ft 11 and 200lbs - I did a Skims swimwear haul and looked so snatched

True to its name, this brand did, in fact, cling to every improbable curve, as Ari discovered and shared on TikTok.

A self-assured Ari made an appearance in the video, this time donning a slinky brown robe.

She displayed the box from Skims that contained her purchase of size large shapewear.

San Diego, California native lash artist Ari described her body as “short and curvy,” and she appeared giddy at the prospect of seeing how the brand looked on her.

The first item to make its debut was a va-va-voom black dress with long sleeves.

When asked about it, Ari nodded enthusiastically for the camera.

Next up was a very different look.

This time, she wore a grey two-piece workout outfit that fit her perfectly.

She ended her post with a flamingo kick, suggesting that she was just as thrilled with it.

One awestruck fan commented on her post, “Omg, you are stunning.”

Fans called her 'stunning'



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