People think she’s dangerous, but she’s actually very lovable; I rescued a baby hippo from flood waters and decided to raise it.


It’s unusual to meet a hippo raised by humans who seems content, but Jessica is an exception.

Since being rescued from severe flooding in 2000, the aquatic creature has developed a deep affection for humans.

Jessica the hippo was taken in by a couple after washing away from her mother as a newborn


The hippopotamus is known as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, but Jessica is said to be exceptionally friendly


Jessica appears to get along with other domesticated animals very well


However, people of her species aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms.

The hippopotamus is widely regarded as one of Africa’s deadliest creatures.

Jessica the Hippo has been featured in a recent wild animal roundup on the popular YouTube news account, 4 Ever Green.

There are numerous reports of hippo attacks that result in fatalities. It’s not like that with Jessica the hippo,” the reporter emphasized.

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When Shirley and her husband saw the baby washed away from her mother, they couldn’t resist rescuing her and taking her in as a pet.

The umbilical cord was still attached to the newborn hippopotamus when she was discovered.

She must have taken a liking to her new parents instantly, they said.

The narrator claims that Jessica’s experience proves that some species can adjust well to highly unusual environments.

We need to rethink our treatment of wild animals because “she is a loving hippo who enjoys interacting with humans and displays mind-boggling behaviors.”

Now that she’s an adult, Jessica can go exploring in the woods and bask in the sun at the beach as much as she likes.

Though she no longer lives with them, she still regularly visits them.

She drinks rewboss tea with her cherished parents, the reporter said.

People have taken in all sorts of weird animals, not just Jessica.

Some people thought they found a lost puppy, but it turned out to be a critically endangered species of wolf.

One more couple took in a stray kitten and raised it for a while, only to have wildlife specialists confirm it was actually a bobcat.

Animals of all shapes and sizes, whether domesticated or wild, have been shown to form deep bonds with their human caregivers.

Shirley and her husband rescued Jessica when she still had her umbilical cord attached


She now enjoys free-range of the wilderness, but often comes back for snacks


The magnificent creature has learned how to eat from her parents hands


Jessica has proven that not all wild animals are as dangerous as they look



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