People who watch Wheel of Fortune often criticize the show’s ending puzzle, calling it “a made-up term” and claiming the writers “phoned it in.”


The bonus puzzle presented on Friday’s episode of WHEEL of Fortune has been criticized for being too difficult.

During a segment titled “person,” Julie was given 10 seconds to guess the answer “Founding Partner,” sending irritated viewers to Twitter.


One Wheel of Fortune fan tweeted: 'They’re just making up stuff now' and another 'Founding fathers maybe...'


The Wheel of Fortune contestant from Wiley, Texas previously stated that her nine-year-old son is the “highlight of her life” and that she enjoys playing dominos with her mother and ninety-year-old grandmother.

With a score of $15169, Julie advanced to the next round.

Among the three options, she settled on “Person,” and she and Pat, 76, eventually found themselves behind the wheel.

Pat yelled over to her, “Good to have you with us,” as her brother and son waved from the stands.

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“I take it your son is the smaller of the two?”

She then cast some shade, saying, “Yeah, they both act the same though!” to applause and gasps of surprise.

“Hey hey, she’ll be here all week!” Pat comedically said back.

She decided to add the letters P, G, M, and O to her initial set.

The choices did help a little bit; the puzzle said “_O_N_NG P_RTNER,” and the answer seemed obvious to be “Partner” at the end.

But the word “founding” was over her head and her audience’s heads.

When Pat told her she had missed out on the extra $40K, she looked so disheartened that she threw her head back in dismay.


During the show, one viewer tweeted angrily, “I’ve never heard the term Founding Partner in my life until tonight’s Wheel of Fortune.”

“They’re just making stuff up now,” another user commented.

As for the third, they penned, “Founding Partner? Those scripts were obviously written in a hurry.

And here’s a fourth: “Founding partner is not a thing: founding fathers, perhaps. Totally ridiculous.


Lizzie Sánchez spilled the beans to the Americans. Having competed last Monday, the sun.

With her winnings of $19,100, she advanced to the bonus round, where she picked “around the house” as her category and added the letters “J”, “Y”, “O”, and “H”.

The two-word puzzle read: “__N_Y” “J_R”

She mumbled “jar” and “funny jar” before giving up on “candy jar.”

Elizabeth was direct about whether or not she agreed that “Candy Jar” belonged in the category.

The disappointment was compounded by the fact that she had previously told The Sun that her 2-year-old “wanted a car for her new car seat,” and that the prize, a Chevrolet, was exactly the vehicle she had been “manifesting” and saving up for.

She said exclusively, “I know a lot of people that don’t necessarily have candy jars at home.

That’s why my first thought was “honey or money,” but after noticing that the letters H and O weren’t blinking, I decided not to say “money.”

“Well, you know, whenever I see a candy jar, my mind immediately goes to a drugstore or a doctor’s office, both of which used to sell candy for ten cents.”

A doctor’s office is analogous to a candy dish; however, you might not always have access to a candy jar.

I can’t decide how I feel about it. I seriously doubted that was the last piece of the puzzle.

And then I thought, “Well, who has a Candy Jar in their house?,” because when it turned on I was like, “That’s so easy; why didn’t I get that?”


Ben Tucker, another contestant, recently went viral for clapping back at Pat after he failed to win a substantial payout for his “Taking a Quick Jog” prize puzzle in the “Fun and Games” category.

After Ben failed to guess, he joked, “Well, you see, I don’t consider jogging ‘Fun and Games.

In an interview with U.S. To which she agreed, calling it “the greatest example” of a player being disqualified from a bonus prize for submitting a puzzle that didn’t quite fit its category.

Because, really, who thinks of going for a run or working out as a game?

“I think it’s cool how cheekily he called them out on it.”

“Who really thinks of jogging as fun?

Recently a contestant went viral for shading Pat over this puzzle under the category 'Fun And Games'


'Well, you see, I don't consider jogging Fun and Games,' Ben shaded - and fans agreed


Contestant Elizabeth Sanchez told The U.S. Sun she was 'mixed' on the puzzle she lost a car on and agreed with Ben too: 'Who really thinks of jogging as fun?'



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