People will always judge pole dancers, but I personally find it empowering and seductive.

A professional pole dancer spoke candidly about how her line of work had strengthened her as a woman.

Italian pole dancer Simona Spataro, 29, says she began when she was 21 and has “always been fascinated” by the sport.

When she was younger, she wanted to learn how to operate the pole, but the area where she lived did not offer any courses.

“Becoming a webcam model changed my life—I got a flat and don’t feel depressed,” reads another article.

Fortunately for Simona, everything changed in 2014 when she had the opportunity to fully dedicate herself to mastering the sexy art form.

She described it as the start of her “greatest love story.”

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Simona stated: “Pole dancing increased my confidence.

It opened my eyes to the value of my body and the extraordinary things it is capable of when properly trained.

“It also gave my femininity a twist, making me feel like a strong woman who loves what she sees in the mirror.

It was truly love at first spin! From the first lesson on, I was in love—it was stunning!

“Of course, it’s not always simple – there are times when you get stuck in some tricks, there are days when the body is tired and doesn’t listen to you as much as you would like, but on the pole I found my dimension and learned to enjoy the journey with the benefits and drawbacks that come with it,” the author said.

Simona Spataro opened up about what it's like to work as a pole dancer

Now that Simona owns a pole dance studio, she concentrates on running a school and imparting knowledge.

The dancer teaches classes all over Italy and adores every second of it.

She also gives performances at events and occasionally works with circus troupes.

In the TikTok videos she makes for her thousands of followers, the dancer demonstrates her passion for performing.

Even the most difficult things are easier to control with the right technique, she claimed. Pole dancing requires a lot of physical effort.

“Before I started pole, I was a gymnast, which undoubtedly aided me greatly in pursuing a career in pole dancing.

The thing is, you don’t necessarily need a background to start this sport, I should add.

“I know very strong athletes who did nothing before pole,” the athlete said.

Simona speaks with grace and passion about pole dancing, but she also acknowledged that critics have always judged the discipline and probably will.

She aspires for her work to highlight the benefits that pole dancing can provide for women.

The best aspect of her job, in her opinion, is “how she feels on the pole.”

Simona Spataro opened up about what it's like to work as a pole dancer

When I ascend, everything else seems to vanish, Simona said. It’s like a bubble where body and mind unite and allow themselves to be soothed by the rotation and music.

“It’s a real happy dimension.

“This sport also helped me meet a lot of people and developed close relationships with some of them.

“Many associate a woman doing pole dancing with the strip club, giving the sight of her a bad connotation.

We owe a lot to the nightclub scene, so I like to say that we are the nieces of the strippers.

Despite the fact that we use the pole in different ways, we should still respect our roots.

“In a small way, I hope to try and open people’s eyes who don’t know and judge without understanding.

“Pole dancing is a wonderful, all-inclusive culture where gender, race, age, and sexual orientation are irrelevant.

“We express ourselves through the pole, have fun, and get stronger and stronger.”

Simona added that the pole gave her the confidence to embrace her femininity and to feel seductive.

She felt physically stronger thanks to her passion for the arts.

She continued, “I can express my femininity through movement.

“Especially when I practice exotic pole dance.”

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