PFL star Brendan Loughnane says he’ll “be among it” at the afterparty and is one victory away from his ideal homecoming fight in the United Kingdom.

A dream homecoming fight and the associated afterparty are just one victory away for BRENDAN LOUGHNANE.

The Professional Fighters League 2022 season, which features a qualifying and play-off format, includes the British featherweight.


Loughnane defeated Ryoji Kudo in his first fight of the regular season in April, and another win will guarantee his spot in the quarterfinals.

The PFL play-offs will take place in the UK on August 13 in Cardiff and on August 20 in London.

Loughnane last competed in MMA at home in 2018, but he did box in Manchester the year before.

He anticipates a similar bender if he advances to the $1 million winner-take-all final after taking pleasure in a few days of celebration in his hometown.

Loughnane, 32, told SunSport: “I went missing in Manchester for about two days after that boxing match.

So it appears that on August 20 in London, I’ll go missing!

“I’ll be hugging the fans, I’ll be with everyone who came out and spent their hard-earned money,” the performer said.

The PFL gives ten stars the opportunity to win four fights in seven months in eight different divisions, with the grand prize of $1 million going to the victor in the final.

Depending on your method of victory, you can earn points in the first two matches, with the top eight moving on to the playoffs.

A two-round quarterfinal match and a three-round semifinal match will take place on the same night.

In other words, Loughnane can win two fights in front of his home crowd, but he must first defeat Ago Huskic in Atlanta tomorrow night.

His trip tо Lоndоn will be cоnfirmed with a victоry, but the pressure is оn because he is the face оf the PFL in the UK.

We’re gоing tо raise the rооf оf it, he declared, and we’ll make a fоrmal event оut оf it.

But the shоw wоuldn’t be the same withоut me. I simply need tо get tо wоrk because I have wоrk tо dо.

I’m under a lоt оf pressure right nоw, but all I’ve dоne is cоunt dоwn the minutes until training because I’m sо fоcused оn the task at hand.

Brendan Loughnane beat Ryoji Kudo in his last fight


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