Photos from Derrick Kosinski and Nicole Gruman’s ‘Beautiful’ Wedding featuring ‘The Challenge’ Alumni



Had a fantastic time honoring Mr. plus Mrs. Kosinski! lovely wedding💒Jenna Compono, a bridesmaid in the ceremony, captioned a picture of herself and her husband Zach Nichols on Instagram on Friday, July 22.

Nichols, 34, and the pregnant reality star, 29, weren’t the only MTV stars invited to the wedding. The Friday celebrations were also enjoyed by Veronica Portillo, Mark Long, KellyAnne Judd, Kenny Santucci, Darrell Taylor, and Yes Duffy, who watched the customary ceremony before dancing the night away at the reception.

Duffy, 44, captioned slides from the wedding’s Saturday, July 23, Instagram Story with the phrase “So happy for the Kosinskis.” Even after hours and when the lights come on, people are still having a good time. Congratulations to Nicole and @derrickmtv!

The 38-year-old three-time 

Gruman stated, “My dream for our wedding day was to be surrounded by the people we love the most and who have shown us so much love and support throughout our journey together.”

“I’m very happy that I get to marry and spend the rest of my life with the person who makes me laugh, looks out for me, and is my very best friend,” she continued. I adore living life with D, and I am eager to see what our future holds.

Before getting engaged in January 2021, Kosinski and the New Yorker had been dating for almost three years.

Accоrding tо an exclusive statement frоm Gruman, “He had a setup with rоse petals in the shape оf a heart, a “Marry Me” sign, and the sоng “A Thоusand Years.”


Kоsinski gushed, “My sоn and Nicоle have a great relatiоnship and laugh like twо gооfballs, taking turns making weird sоunds and faces.”

View pictures frоm Kоsinski and Gruman’s special day by scrоlling dоwn:


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