Plane passengers in a state of shock as the pilot assembles his fantasy football team just before takeoff


Just before takeoff, a pilot was observed making adjustments to their fantasy football team.

While managing an aircraft must be stressful, many soccer fans contend that nothing compares to organizing your team before a gameweek deadline.

A passenger who was boarding the flight captured the in question pilot working with their team in the cockpit, demonstrating that they had their priorities straight. One Twitter user made a joke, “So that’s what they do on those iPads.”

FPL 2022/23 season: 108 of the funniest Fantasy Football team names

Imagine playing FPL as a pilot, another person remarked. Missing deadlines in different time zones 38,000 feet in the air!” A third person wryly commented, “Eze jet?”

It’s unclear who he started with, but Gabriel Jesus is almost certainly included. The new striker for Arsenal has more players owning him than any other player in the history of FPL (76%+).

Gabriel Jesus proved his worth against Crystal Palace

The fact that he went scoreless against Crystal Palace on Friday, August 5, will, however, please the other 24%. In either case, the pilot’s crew will be in the air.

We can only assume that they were inspired by their day job when they gave it that name. Without a doubt, the name “We’re Flying Without Ings” is the most appropriate choice.

Alternаtively, ‘We’re Going Toulouse’ might be а better option. They might hаve cаlled it “Ayew Reаdy?” аfter their pre-flight query.


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