Police called to a ‘disturbance’ are baffled by sharks in a swimming pool under a Christmas tree.


Officers responding to a disturbance call were taken aback when they arrived at a home to find an eight-foot paddling pool filled with small sharks.

When cops arrived at the scene in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, they discovered the fish swimming around a fake Christmas tree in the middle of the pool in the front room.

It’s still unclear whether the sharks were involved in the disturbance call that police received on Friday. According to the Mirror, Sussex Police will now try to determine whether the renters’ tenancy agreement allows for such pets.

The fish were swimming around a fake Christmas tree in the pool (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Sussex Police’s Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Darren Taylor was taken aback by what his team discovered. “Just when you think you’ve heard it all!” he wrote on Twitter.

Over the weekend, the team went to a location only to find an 8-foot swimming pool in the front room. “There were smаll shаrks swimming аround in the swimming pool (аpаrt from the wаter) аnd аn аrtificiаl Christmаs tree in the middle!”

I’m not kidding! ”

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