Police search for hints to identify a man’s remains after discovering his badly decomposing body floating in the water.

Police have discovered a man’s badly decomposing body in the water and are looking for any additional information that might help them identify him.

On June 22, a construction worker at Houston, Texas’ Clear Creek Bayou made the terrifying discovery while there for work.


According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the man was described by police as appearing to be dressed in hospital scrubs and a polo shirt.

The body appeared to be in the “late stages of decomposition,” according to the police.

The man has not been named, and it is unknown how long he was submerged before being discovered.

Officers are still looking for information as they attempt to identify the remains.

Decomposed body found in field years after victim was reported missing
Decomposed body found in car on driveway as chilling CCTV lead cops to suspect

The body was pulled out of the water by police, and it was taken to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Scientists for an autopsy.

Anyone with information should call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit at (713) 274-9100 as investigations are still ongoing.

It follows the discovery of a man’s remains in the driver’s seat of a blue Mitsubishi Mirage on June 20 by police in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He was identified as 48-year-old Samuel Moore Jr., and according to police, his body was in “later stages of decomposition,” according to NewsChannel9.

Before the remains were discovered, homicide detectives said the scene at an intersection seemed “suspicious.”

Two men were inside the vehicle on June 16 when it pulled into a driveway, according to local CCTV footage.

Michael Orr was later found to be the man who was seen getting out of the car from the passenger side.

Moore never got out of the car after Orr had driven off, according to video.

After performing an autopsy, authorities opened a homicide investigation.

The Chattanооga Pоlice Department annоunced that Orr has nоw been charged with criminal hоmicide.

Dоn Askey’s severely decоmpоsed bоdy was discоvered in a field years after being repоrted missing, accоrding tо Oregоn pоlice.

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On June 7, his bоdy was fоund after pоlice investigated a repоrt оf unusual circumstances.

Since 2015, the 52-year-оld had gоne missing.

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