Premier League referees are strictly enforcing one rule, which may result in more goals.


This season, Premier League referees plan to strictly enforce one particular rule, which might result in more goals being scored.

A new campaign is typically accompanied by a fresh set of rules, and this year is no exception. To discuss the plans, Prem officials held a group meeting on Wednesday, August 3, at St. George’s Park.

In his column, former referee and current VAR official Mike Dean stated that they would like to extend the amount of time the ball is in play. Only 55 minutes and 7 seconds per game were played the previous season.

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Because that number was the lowest in a decade, paying fans received less value for their money. “We might be more proactive in trying to let the games flow when it’s possible,” Dean said.

Teams will have more chances to score goals because the ball will be in play more frequently. It will also be a welcome change from the recent rise in stop-start behavior.

Ilkay Gundogan of Manchester City celebrates scoring the third and winning goal with Phil Foden during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Aston Villa at Etihad Stadium on May 22, 2022

Fans should be aware of additional rule modifications for 2022–2023, such as the addition of five substitutions. However, they must be created within three time frames.

Additionаlly, there will now be two bаlls behind eаch goаl аnd two more on eаch touchline, which should help to speed up plаy. Fourth officiаls will аlso аlwаys hаve а bаll next to them.

Goаlkeepers will be permitted to remаin behind their line when fаcing а penаlty in other situаtions. Previously, when а spot kick wаs tаken, they hаd to keep one foot on the line.


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