Prichard Colón’s Miraculous Triumph over a Terrifying Boxing Injury: Seeking Justice from the Blameworthy


Prichard Colón Nearly Died From a Horrific Boxing Injury and Wants Those Responsible to Pay

The Unfortunate Injury That Changed Prichard Colón’s Life Forever

Prichard Colón, a promising professional boxer, experienced a life-altering injury during a match in 2015. This incident left him in a coma for a staggering 221 days and resulted in permanent brain damage. Let’s delve into what happened to Prichard and how he is seeking justice for the negligence that caused such a devastating outcome.

A Rising Star in the Boxing World

In 2013, Prichard Colón was making waves in the boxing world. At the young age of 21, he transitioned from boxing as a hobby to a professional career. As he stepped into the ring, his future looked bright, and he was ready to make his mark as a professional boxer.

A Fight That Changed Everything

It was in October 2015 when Prichard Colón faced off against Terrel Williams. The match started like any other, with both fighters eager to demonstrate their skills. However, this particular fight took a tragic turn when Prichard experienced a series of illegal hits to the back of his head.

Negligence and Gruesome Consequences

Despite Prichard’s complaints, the referee and ringside doctor failed to take appropriate measures. The blows to his head caused internal bleeding, and after the fight, Prichard collapsed and began vomiting. This critical situation led to a coma that lasted 221 days.

The Harrowing Road to Recovery

During his time in the hospital, Prichard remained unresponsive. His physical health suffered, and it was discovered that a part of his skull had collapsed, placing immense pressure on his brain. To alleviate this, he underwent a complex surgery where a plate was inserted to replace the damaged section. Although he survived, his life would never be the same.

The End of a Boxing Career

Due to the severe brain damage he sustained, Prichard’s professional boxing career came to an abrupt and tragic end. Physical therapy became an integral part of his life, and he became dependent on his mother for daily care. The possibility of returning to the ring is highly unlikely and poses significant risks to his health and well-being.

Seeking Justice and Accountability

Prichard refuses to accept the negligent actions that forever altered his life. He has filed a lawsuit against the ringside doctor, seeking $50 million in damages. Prichard alleges that the doctor’s negligence and lack of adequate qualifications led to his extended hospital stay and permanent injuries. He is also holding the event promoters, HeadBangers Boxing and DiBella Entertainment, accountable for hiring an incompetent doctor.

A Physician’s Expert Opinion

“The fight should have been stopped at that moment [in the seventh round], and I still cannot think of a medically sound reason it wasn’t,” stated John Stiller, a physician and neurologist, after reviewing the fight footage. He firmly believes that stopping the fight earlier would have given Prichard the best chance of minimizing further injury.

Life After the Tragedy

Prichard Colón survived a life-threatening injury, but his life will forever be affected. He continues to navigate the challenges of recovery, physical therapy, and adapting to a different reality. Prichard’s fight extends beyond the boxing ring as he seeks justice for the negligence that ended his career prematurely.


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