Prince William Arrives Majestically in New York City, Spearheading the Highly Anticipated Earthshot Summit


Prince William’s Visit to New York City for the Earthshot Innovation Summit

Prince William made a surprise visit to New York City on September 18, a day before attending the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit at the Plaza Hotel. The excitement was palpable as the prince arrived, ready to dive headfirst into his itinerary.

A Day of Surprise and Inspiration

Upon his arrival, Prince William wasted no time and headed straight to Governors Island. Here, he met with volunteers from the Billion Oysters Project and engaged with students from the New York Harbor School. The appearance of the prince had been kept under wraps, making it all the more thrilling for the students.

The New York Harbor School, a public high school that specializes in maritime education, has partnered with the Billion Oysters Project to restore one billion live oysters to the New York Harbor over the next two decades. This collaborative effort aims to revitalize the ecosystem and ensure the sustainable growth of oyster populations.

One of the students, named Kynara, shared her excitement with Town and Country, saying, “We didn’t find out about [his visit] until literally when it happened. It was shocking! It’s not something I expected, but going to a school like this, it’s nothing out of the ordinary.”

Exploring the Oyster Reefs

Prince William’s zest for hands-on engagement was evident as he joined the volunteers waist-deep in the murky waters of the New York Harbor. Together, they inspected an oyster reef near Brooklyn Bridge Park. He also paid a visit to an oyster hatchery and observed a pile of oyster shells on Governors Island, generously donated by local restaurants in their efforts to restore the oyster reefs.

Reflecting on the Experience

After his visit, Prince William shared his reflections with X, stating, “From restaurant to Harbor, that’s one shell of a journey… New Yorkers’ enduring love for oysters and the support of local restaurants has helped the Billion Oyster Project collect more than 2 million pounds of recycled shells to date 👏.” His words emphasized the importance of community involvement and the significant impact that small steps can have in creating a sustainable future.

The Earthshot Prize and Prince William’s Vision

Prince William is not only a global figure but also the Founder and President of the Earthshot Prize. Launched in 2020, this prestigious award aims to recognize and support leaders, innovators, and activists who are dedicated to repairing the planet by the year 2030.

Expressing his excitement about being back in the United States, Prince William tweeted, “No one does optimism and ingenuity like the American people, so it’s only right we unveil this year’s @Earthshotprize Finalists in New York City.”

An Unveiling of Earthshot Prize Finalists

On September 19, Prince William will reveal the 15 finalists for the Earthshot Prize at the Plaza Hotel. These finalists represent promising endeavors in combating climate change and preserving our planet. The five official winners will be announced at a ceremony in Singapore on November 7, each receiving $1.2 million to further their efforts.

Prince William’s visit to New York City highlights his commitment to environmental conservation and his dedication to supporting initiatives that address climate change. As the Earthshot Innovation Summit commences, the world awaits the finalist reveal, ready to celebrate the extraordinary individuals who are paving the way for a sustainable future.


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